The word ‘Spring’ has several interpretations: as a coil, which harnesses an energy that propels upwards; as a body of water, which suggests depth; or the season which represents renewal and freshness. At Spring Research, we believe our approach embodies all of these things: the ability take learnings to a higher level; to dig deeper into a consumer’s psyche; and to present learnings in a fresh and unique way. We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate all of this to you…



At Spring Research we are methodology-neutral, meaning that when we design a research approach, we base it on what we think would be the best approach for solving your business challenge whether that be qualitative, quantitative, or a hybrid of both.



Of course we do focus groups – we do LOTS of them! But apart from traditional focus groups, we also have several qualitative products which we could leverage when your needs require them:


When your needs include exploration and/or discovery into a particular consumer type or behaviour within a category, DEEP SPRING is an online methodology which allows us to spend an extended length of time with consumers (typically 7-days). Creatively-fueled and custom-tailored activities are designed around your specific objectives, and ongoing discussions and probing between the moderator and each individual consumer allows for deeper, richer, insight direct from the source; deeper than any one focus group could ever achieve.


There are times when being directly in the category environment engaging with, or simply observing, consumers is critical to understanding. Depending on the category or the specific type of consumer, this approach may blend traditional interviewing techniques, direct observation, and/or observation through video/Go Pro technology.


Whether it’s evaluating early stage idea territories or mid/late-stage animatics and spots IDEA SPRING AND AD SPRING, respectively, evaluates stimulus based on Message Comprehension, Relevance, Emotional Resonance, Brand Fit, and ability to Motivate – the pillars which help us identify just how much ‘spring’ is in each idea/ad’s step.


Like other channels of communication, packaging needs to be evaluated against several pillars to ensure success at shelf. PACK SPRING evaluates stimulus based on Stand Out, Appeal, Brand Fit, Uniqueness, and Purchase Intent.



We partner with respected fielding partners and marketing science experts to manage your quantitative programs from start to finish, regardless of how simple or complex your need. All our quantitative studies are fully custom and tailored to meet your objectives.


This includes U&A and Landscape studies.


This includes advertising, brand health, pre-and post- for tactical initiatives (such as promotions or experiential programs).


This includes insight screening, positioning testing, advertising testing, concept testing, and package design.




France Bragado


With almost 20 years of experience which straddles the Marketing, Advertising, and Market Research fields, France has spent the last 10 years honing her expertise in qualitative research. An award-winning researcher with 1000+ focus groups under her belt, she is also a strong advocate of using online qualitative methodologies to connect more deeply with consumers.

France holds a Bachelor Degree in Sociology from York University and a Specialized Degree in Creative Advertising from Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology. She has also been a speaker at several MRIA Conferences including 2014’s MRIA QRC and MRIA Main Conferences.

Barbara Brooks


Barbara brings 19 years experience from leading research and advertising agencies to every project she works on. With a background in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, Barbara is an experienced moderator, facilitator and strategist and strives to provide and present actionable and engaging insight.

Barbara holds a Bachelor of Journalism from Carleton University. She is also an experienced speaker, being featured at a variety of conferences including MRIA Qualitative Methods, Understanding Youth and Companies and Causes Canada.



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